Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

I am a visual artist living in New York City and Kauai, Hawaii.  Please enjoy exploring my art and this website.  Below is one of my paper works, entitled, “Pacific Embrace.”



pieslak_sabina_pacific_embrace_paint_chips_32x40-1.jpg                                 pieslak_sabina_pacific_embrace_paint_chips_32x40-detail-2.jpg

 “Pacific Embrace,” shredded paint chips on ragboard, 32×40 (2012)



Click to a video collage of my colorsculpting pieces, Colorsculpting video collage. Enjoy!


Sabina Pieslak gratefully acknowledges the Benjamin Moore Paint Company for generously providing complimentary paint chips and other color materials for use in the artworks. She also thanks Janovic Paint & Decorating Centers, especially the Upper West Side store, for first introducing her to Benjamin Moore paints and products. For the story behind the paint chips, please visit the “Essays” page.